A Guiding Light is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"In this darkness, it is your bonds with others that will guide you. Mayhap meeting with one of your predecessors will illuminate the path ahead? Seek out another acquainted with the dragon as you are."

Find the Arisen wandering the labyrinth.


A Guiding Light (cinematic cutscene)

A Guiding Light (cinematic cutscene)

Simply walking into the Duskmoon Tower for the first time will trigger this cutscene. Speak to Barroch again in order to complete the quest.

This quest is available Pre-Daimon, from Olra's notice board after the quest Call of the Arisen.

Meet Barroch for the first time in the Duskmoon Tower in order to complete the quest.


  • The quest will automatically, immediately complete if the party has already entered the Duskmoon Tower and met Barroch prior to accepting this quest.
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