A Formless Foe is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Brawn alone will not avail you against the likes of a phantom. Best you consider the vocation and skills of each member of your party afore engaging their kind."

Defeat five Phantoms.

This quest becomes available on The Encampment notice board after completing Off With Its Head.


Phantoms are weak against magic, but resistant to physical blows - they can be hurt with enchanted weapons.

Unless underground, phantoms only appear at night - common locations include The Catacombs, Deos Hills and Conquest Road, especially around the Old Garrison and Healing Spring.


A Formless Foe (quest walkthrough)

A Formless Foe (quest walkthrough)

After completing the quest Deeper Trouble, Dripstone Cave has exactly five Phantoms in the former Saurian nest area.

  • Despite the quest mentioning The Catacombs as a location, Phantoms slain anywhere will count towards the total needed to complete the quest.
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