A Diverting Excursion is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"So, something's come up -- minor matter, almost nothing, don't worry about it -- but it means I need to take a little trip. You'll come along, won't you? We had so much fun last time, after all. And don't worry -- while getting to spend time with me is its own reward, I'm willing to throw in something extra to make it worth your while."

Escort Madeleine to the Bloodwater Beach.


For directions and advice, see Escort Quest Walkthroughs.

This quest is obtained by accepting it from the Union Inn Notice Board in Gran Soren after meeting the Duke during Come to Court.

The quest's objective is to escort Madeleine to Bloodwater Beach - the trip is a long one, so prepare accordingly with curatives and essentials such as a lantern oil.

There are multiple routes, and many options for gathering materials, including a Healing Spring in the Verda Woodlands.


Arrive at the beach with Madeleine intact for a reward of 5,000 Gold, 3,000 Exp. and five Fulgurous Lord Tomes.


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