A Dire Need is a DLC quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Many's the time I wandered near the bandits' hold as a boy, only to come running home in tatters, a breath ahead of a pack of direwolves. They're good memories, in their own way, but I lie awake anights thinking my own boy may do the same. Please, put those curs to death."

Defeat thirty Direwolves.

This quest becomes available on the Pawn Guild notice board after the quest The Final Battle.


Either alone or with pawns, defeat 30 direwolves.

A Dire Need (quest walkthrough)

A Dire Need (quest walkthrough)

There are more than 20 Direwolves near the Blighted Manse. Sleep at the Rest Camp a few days in order to re-spawn them.

Direwolves are tougher than regular wolves, and just as agile. They are weak to Fire, but resistant to ice, so best use fire enchantments or spells.

Such wolves are common in parts of the Deos Hills, throughout all of Northface Forest, and west of the Greatwall Encampment at Barta Crags.

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