A Dark Chorus is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"As beasts of the air, harpies are a threat most troublesome. What's more, their speed makes a mockery of ballistas, especially in tight quarters. You, then, must be swifter still. Strike them down with bowfire and magick."

Defeat ten Harpies in the vicinity of The Mountain Waycastle.

This quest becomes available on the Pablos' Inn notice board after completing Off With Its Head.


Harpies may be found near the Mountain Waycastle either on the Cobal Coast, or along Moonsbit Pass. From Cassardis, follow the road along the coast until the Mountain Waycastle. Go up into the mountain pass.

There are plenty of Harpies here, nesting in trees along the road. Depending on how many spawn at a time, several trips may be necessary.

Harpies are not hard to kill: a magick or bow user can easily take them out of the sky. Once they are on the ground, they become vulnerable and can be killed in a few hits.

A Fighter with Skyward Slash can also cut them down as they fly low. Their only dangerous attack is their dive, which has a chance of picking up and dropping characters.

The Harpy's song may inflict Sleep. Carry Bringbout or Peppermint Seed in order to cure Sleep.


  • Any 10 Harpies slain will count towards the completion of this quest, not only those near the Mountain Waycastle.
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