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A Challenge is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"I await you in the Frontier Caverns."

This quest becomes available at Pablos' Inn notice board immediately after slaying The Dragon in The Final Battle.

The Arisen must slay the Hydra deep within The Shadow Fort, in the Frontier Caverns' Proving Grounds.



Frontier Caverns entrance hole location within The Shadow Fort

Travel to The Shadow Fort and go to the far end of the Fort and down the hole to the right of the front door of the main keep. This leads to the Frontier Caverns beneath the Shadow Fort.

Slay all the Goblins and Hobgoblins within to reach the Proving Grounds. On arrival it seems Goblins or some more intelligent agency have set a trap, and a Hydra is unleashed.

Exits from the Proving Grounds will be barred during the battle. Slay the Hydra to complete the quest.

On completion a barred gate to a small side chamber in the easternmost part of the area with a treasure chest will be unlocked.


  • Refer to the Hydra page for tactical advice.
  • This is an ideal quest to obtain the Headshunter achievement/trophy.
  • The Hydra appears Post-Game regardless of whether the quest was taken.
  • For the duration of the battle Ferrystones will not work inside the main chamber.
    • (BUG) If the Arisen dies during the battle and doesn't return to the chamber to finish the fight Ferrystones may permanently stop working until the Hydra is defeated.
    • (BUG) Also the entry gate may get stuck in closed position upon Hydra's death and the use of Ferrystone will be necessary to get out.
      • This may happen when and if the game saves after the Hydra appears - if that save is loaded both the gate to the Frontier caverns and the gate from which the Hydra appears will be open - on defeating the Hydra the Frontier Cavern's gate closes instead of opening. Once exited it renders the chamber in-accessible - the gate resets in New Game Plus.