A Bookkeeper's Bind is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"I study to become a merchant, running goods 'tween Gransys and Hearthstone, but this bookkeeping business will be my undoing. I've no clue what to keep tally of, much less how. Isn't there some example I might follow? A register, or some record of investment or somesuch?"

Acquire a Promissory Note.


This quest becomes available from the Notice Board in Arsmith's Alehouse after completing the quest Of Merchants and Monsters and after meeting the Duke during Come to Court.

To complete this quest, buy a Promissory Note from Alon in The Ancient Quarry and give it to Arsmith.

Where to find the Promissory Notes

Where to find the Promissory Notes

Alon sells both Promissory Notes in the Abandoned Mine area of the Ancient Quarry.

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