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A Beggar's Tale is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma II.


"Albert of the slumbs seems to be doing quite well for himself, but even his fellow beggars are baffled by how much coin he has in spite of his meager means."

Quest Objectives[]

DDCHECKBOX Obtained the beggar's garb.
DDCHECKBOX You gave Celina the beggar's garb.


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Quest obtained from speaking to an onlooker, a haggard squat swarthy beastren who appears to be a competitor beggar, watching the beggar deliver his spiel before the water fountain, who comments that the beggar seems to have too much money.

An Inn rest save is highly recommended as multiple attempts may be needed to solve the quest, or any and all quests as a good rule of thumb.

Go to the tavern, or Stardrop Inn, back room, sit on a bench, and doze off to pass the time, while keeping the beggar speaking at the fountain in view. Doze off twice. Sometimes dozing the second time passes too much time and the beggar is gone, resulting in exit without save and reload from Last Inn Rest, in otherwords, you may have to doze off only once, then painstakingly just wait and let the time pass, something like 5 real life minutes, 5 minutes 15 seconds after the first doze off passing the time to be precise. As the sun passes and the shadows cast over the market stall cloth roof tops, gradually bringing the shadows closer to the player, he will end his tirade. Follow him. He shall meander under the tavern, passing under the resting bench the player dozed off on of the Stardrop Inn, gradually to the slums bar, Walter's Tavern, where he buys rounds of free flowing ale for all, splashing money about, afterwhich, for another 5 minutes some of real life time, which cannot be rushed, making this quest a nuisance, although after numerous play throughs and being familiar with the route, you can speak to the barkeep and pass the time, then even if he disappears you know where to go, he will gradually make his way back up to the common quarter to a room, which happens to be in the southeastern most corner, the door directly south behind the player's purchased private dwelling in the common quarter for 20,000g. It is important to gradually follow, not jump ahead and anticipate as he can abruptly cancel his course and run off, resulting in starting all over again for the 15th time. He doesn't appear to mind being followed other than the occasional "Hmm" comment. Following him into the room produces no result other than his crying "Mercy", then the scene cuts and you're locked outside the door. Talking to him produces no result. Lifting him up produces no result or, tackle scene, as with the stalker quest. After some time, he emerges in nobility attire, and gradually makes his way to the noble quarters to the Baldwin estate. There is a small side door to the right of the front entrance to the Baldwin estate that is locked, and despite pawns' comments about finding a key, no key is to be found. On a separate visit the door was open revealing a barren empty small room. On the rooftop of the Baldwin estate is a seeker token, which can be obtained by jumping the castle wall ledge to the back of the residence, circling back, jumping on the lower roof tile, then jumping on the scaffolding, which has a tunnel that leads into the castle and emerges from a well shaft next to the gaoler. Jumping back onto the Baldwin rooftop from the scaffolding allows one to ascend to the highest roof atop which has a seeker token.

It took numerous time consuming attempts, but the solution to this quest is as stated above, to wait for the sun to set, follow him to the slums bar where he buys every and anyone rounds of ale, then follow him back to the room in the common quarters where he locks the door and stays inside for some time. When he emerges dressed in noble's dress, that's when the door is open, don't follow him right away, but go into the room and find the beggar's garb quest item, which cannot be equipped. There is then the option to deliver it to someone who might find it interesting.

Now the player has a choice of 3 options, Albert, Celina, his slum beastren second wife, or Hilda, his real wife.

If the beggar now dressed in noble's clothes is confronted with the item, anywhere, the street will do despite his prior "I'm not accustomed to speaking with strangers in the street", he implores you not to speak of it to anyone, the player receives 5000g and 900RC, and the quest ends. Alternatively it may be delivered to Hilda or Celina, which, yes, takes play though AGAIN to find out what happens. You're welcome. This quest was so annoying I thought to solve it for other players. At the time of this writing, no assistance is to be found anywhere on the net.

If the begger's garb is given to the beastren female at the slums bar, Walter's Tavern, she will remark that her being married to Albert is all a lie, and the quest will ask the player to return to Celina in a few days, great, which cannot be fast forwarded by sleeping in a bed, just to find out. Time can be skipped forward by dozing off on a chair or speaking to a barkeep to pass the time. Returning to Walter's Inn to find Celina the next day reveals she is not to be found, but following the quest map to the room in which the beggar's outfit was found, finds a guard at post before the door who tells the player that Celina went to the Baldwin estate to confront Albert's real family and was turned away, only to later in Albert's second home in the common quarter, stab her husband Albert in the back, then commit suicide. Indeed, one can only imagine that finding out one's husband is secretly fabulously wealthy, and only chose to be with one's poor wretched self out of true love, is simply too much to bear. The quest ends, the player gets 1 noonflower, 3000g, and 900RC.

If the beggar's garb is given to Hilda, she will likewise ask the player to return in 'a few days', pass 1 day by sitting on a bench, 2 waits for the day and 2 for the night will suffice, she will remark how once Albert saw the beggar's garb, he underwent a marked transformation and unlike the previous lout that he was, suddenly decided to perform honest work, and to show her appreciation, Hilda the wife, will gift the player 3 pieces of onyx, worth 7200g total, in addition to the 900RC and the quest ends with the pawns remarking how they wonder if it's where Albert truly belongs, of course, what could be more dreadful than a loveless marriage and honest work, the family eunuch as it were, for Hilda remarks that she has no interest in the man other than his ability to donkey up and work, though given the alternatives of, the beastren wife murdering him and committing suicide, or, returnig the beggar's garb to Albert and allowing him to continue his double life revolving around a rich cold wife and a poor passionate one, plenty of ale and recounting tales of bygone glory, one has to wonder just where exactly, Albert belongs, and according to whom. Regardless, it seems Albert preferred spending his time bellowing as loudly as possible in quaint verse for all to hear in the marketsquare by the water fountain, water, the prerequisite to all life, regaling the glory in rhapsody rhymed cant of Lord Rosamund who to this day remains as the House of Berkely, even at the cost of suffering a loveless shrew and a homicidal beast. Just, who is Albert to House Berkely? A public relations marketing executive on the dole no doubt.