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"Shattered Earth" Tome is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A treatise on magick from an author long forgotten. Infused with the power to pull forth spires of rock."

Causes rock formations to erupt from the ground around the player, much like the Sorcerer Archistaff skill, Seism. On casting the tome is destroyed.



Silver Rarifying

  • 2x for Silver Rarefied of Iraklis.


  • The spell is purely magickal, though some erratic boulders are produced from the spires, which can cause physical damage.
  • Generally single use magick scrolls and tomes are not affected by the caster's magick power, or by the magick power of their staff or weapon, or by any magick boosting augments or equipment.
  • Damage is boosted by magick boosting items or spells such as Demon's Periapt, or Magick Rebalancer.