Воин и колдун

Призвания — это классы в игре Dragon's Dogma. Всего в игре 9 классов которые поделены на три группы:


DD vocations chart

Таблица профессий

No vocation is greater than the other in combat since this game doesn’t have a class progression system but instead each vocation has its own perk that makes it different from the others. Player preference and strategy (both in abilities and pawns) seems to be emphasised more than pure grinding of levels.

Basic vocations are a balance of offense and defense, advance vocations give up the defensive skills focusing on offense and hybrids vocations merge certain skills and abilities from the basic vocations together. As you progress through your vocation you’ll be able to carry over certain skills you’ve learned, as well as stat boosting skills known as augments, which are gained by increasing your level in a vocation. Once vocations are purchased, they can be freely switched in and out of.

There are 9 levels you can earn in any vocation. Difficulty in leveling a vocation becomes harder as you reach higher levels. You can switch between vocations anytime you choose to at a local inn. At the begining of the game you'll be able to pick a basic vocation free of charge, but to gain access to other vocations will cost you Discipline points.